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Proces Analysis

Proces Analysis

Control reports and KPIs are good ways to improve performance in your organization. Qcompany answers the question about where the bottlenecks in your organisation really are.
Process Optimalization

Process Optimalization

With Qcompany Process Analysis you can analyze your business processes based on speed, cost, quality and quantity. Shape your organization into a high performing organization.
System Adapters

System Adapters

The Qcompany system adapters are designed to get the right information from out of the right places from your IT systems.
  • Oracle E Business suite
  • Peoplesoft
  • JD Edwards
  • Salesforce
Process Adapters

Process Adapters

Our standard adapters for your IT systems extract properly the log- and event data for the following processes:
  • From purchase order to payment
  • From sales to payment
  • From project to investment
  • From Service to request solution

Process mining the way to improve processes

  • Understand potential savings by seeing exactly where the losses and inefficiancies are within your organization.

  • Learn immediately where transactions have waiting times and where waiting times and problems occur.

  • See where your weaknesses lie in the organization and in what parts of the process improvements can be made.

  • Explore in what ways interactions occur between your suppliers or customers and your organization.

  • Compare performance of departments and employees based on solid data
  • Discover defects in processes before they escalate into problems
  • Check the effectiveness of changes by comparing the new situation with the baseline

  • Ensure compliance with all rules and regulations to be followed by your organisation

Detailed Statistics

Process mining Detailed Statistics
All the information you will ever need about your log

How often has this activity been executed? Is this person really the fastest like he claims? The logs of applications that inspect our process analysis software provide answers to many questions. More than you can imagine! Get insights and overview of your process information through interactive charts and drill downs to detailed information on activity, resource, etc. A wealth of process information at your fingertips!


Process mining Cases
Explore your data, down to single cases and events. Disco can unveil such surprising information that you will end up at a point where you can't believe your own eyes. Has this really happened? In the cases view you can quickly inspect the full history of the relevant cases, and find them with Disco's lightning-fast live search feature. And with our variations explorer you can see which cases follow the sunny day process path and which are exceptions.


Process mining Filters
The fastest and easiest tool to drill down into your data.

With its powerful set of user-friendly and unbelievably fast log filters, our tool makes it a snap to clean up your process data and to focus your analysis. In Disco, log filtering is a first class citizen. Whether you want to drill down by case performance, timeframe, variation, attributes, event relationships, or endpoints - It's only a moment away with Process mining of Qcompany.

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