Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics by Oracle provides businesses financial planning and budgeting in the cloud. The service is designed for organizations that align their operational capacity on strategic priorities with an integrated planning, budgeting and forecasting. The solution provides for each company access to planning and performance management, with the goal of significantly improving productivity and profitability.

"Predictive Analytics helps companies deploying advanced planning with the simplicity of cloud."

Cost savings

Avoid costs and effort associated with the procurement, implementation, configuration and support of hardware and extra IT overhead.


Stay informed on the latest developments and make adjustments where needed. Everything is presented in real time for the best results.


Everyone, everywhere and always.


Often people rely on spreadsheets or independent, one directional solutions. Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service allows you to benefit from the power of an integrated finanical planning so that you can budget quickly and cost effectively. This solution provides each company access to quality plannings and performance management.
Integration with all major accounting- and ERP-systems, existing cloud services, applications and legacy systems.

User Friendly

Designed so that it is workable for everyone in the organization. Ease of use without compromise.


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