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Data Visualization

Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service

Visual Cloud Service helps even non-technical users to understand data better. As a user you can combine and analyse business, personal or big data with just a few clicks - regardless of the level within the organization. So you easily filter a large set of data to quickly discover hidden patterns and insights that you can share. All this without the help of IT experts. Result: faster "time to value" and significant increases in ROI.
Qcompany Oracle data visualisation
Qcompany Oracle data visualisation

Qcompany Oracle data visualisation


Interactive, rich visuals show the story of your data and make it easy to gain insights and share these via a dashboard.


Just as easily as you would expect: Upload your data, add any filters or attributes and create your own convincing analysis. Data from different sources are automatically connected, making it quick and easy to request the proper views.


Receive your answers quickly. Within a few clicks you can explore all the data.


You are able to decrypt data with appropriate visuals in order to detect patterns and trends.

Any time, any place

You can securely view your analysis on any device without encryption online or offline. We deliver an interface that is easy to use on any device; in the cloud, on your desktop or on location.

"The functionality to turn data into narratives (storytelling) makes it easier to share analysis visually and communicate findings with the teams. So collaboration becomes more efficient."

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