Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence platform

BI van Wereldklasse

World class BI

A world class business intelligence platform that provides the full range of intuitive features. Easier than ever users can start with their own data without IT intervention. Oracle is the world leader in business intelligence and all this knowledge is now offered in the cloud.
De beste Databases

The best databases

Our Business Intelligence uses the power of the market leader in databases, named Oracle. Your data is uploaded to the cloud and safely stored in the best and fastest databases imaginable. Automatic backup and recovery is assured and this way recovery or migration is always possible. BI Cloud Service automates this work!
Geavanceerde Visualisaties

Advanced visualizations

Use the best interactive visualization with the "best choice for this analysis" proposal. Let the cloud BI tell the story behind the data and create insights and take action based on the stories.
Veilig in de cloud

Secure in the cloud

When you put your data in the cloud, you do want to make use of the best "end-to-end" cloud solution available with the highest service levels. BiQloud meets the most stringent security and compliance rules and has an availability of 99.999%. Oracle has a state-of-the-art data center type Gen 4. With SLO, RPO and RTO you never lose changes or data and you can always backup when it suits you.

Data sources

It is easy to combine datasets and pick visuals to quickly build compelling BI applications. BiQloud provides various data integration possibilities to meet all your needs, from easy self-service import to full operational ETL updates.
Overal en altijd

Anywhere, any time

Imagine that every analysis and dashboard is immediately available to anyone, anywhere! All dashboards and reports you make are instantly available on any device without programming or configuring. You can just download Oracle BI Mobile apps from the App stores of Apple and Google.

Deliver the right information to the right people

Data plays an increasingly important role, this applies to every industry. Business Intelligence put your Big Data into actionable insights. Accessible and personalized dashboards provide insight that is directly usable. By using the right tools you save cost, you get more revenue, thé way to improve the performance of an organization. Business intelligence Cloud Services Oracle helps you to do this.


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