Big Data

Quickly and easily transform raw data into business insights

The creation of valuable data from big data requires the right tools to transport and save. In order the gain insight in an effective way and operationalizing these insights, new data should be integrated with existing data, infrastructure, applications and processes. These Oracle solutions work seamlessly together to let companies quickly take advantage of big data, at lower cost and with less risk. It allows them to safely connect between Hadoop-, NoSQL- and relational databases and simply and cost-effective analyze large and diverse data sets.

Oracle Big Data Cloud

Find and discover big data

Oracle Big Data offers an attractive visual interface for finding and reading raw data. It acts as a sketchbook to immerse statistical correlations between data- attributes and combinations to see whether a dataset has potential. As a user, you browse through an interactive visual data catalog with familiar navigation and powerful search options.

Transform and enrich data

Raw data must be prepared before it can be analyzed. Oracle Big Data makes the preparation a lot shorter and streamlines data frictions with a simple and spreadsheet-like experience. You can improve data visually, without switching from tool or having to write code, so there is more time left for analysis.

Discover and share

Oracle Big Data allows users to seamlessly move from preparation to analysis. Insights can be shared just one click. Users can collaborate on the results, publish original datasets back to Hadoop and use the results in other tools such as Pig, Hive and Python.

Big data for everyone

Big data is normally owned by analysts with certain skills. This is expensive and scarce. Oracle Big Data Discovery makes big data easier to manage and more accessible to a larger group for example analysis teams and business users. It also integrates with existing big data tools, enabling organizations to easily extend their big data teams in order to get the best out of the data and the people.

"Oracle Big Data benefits from the power of Hadoop, so users can quickly and easily turn raw data into business insights . Very useable insights into one product."

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